Collection of disinformation-detection tools and platforms

InVID/WeVerify plugin for Chrome

A Chrome browser plugin by WeVerify, with an online collaborative platform under development. The toolkit has been considerably enhanced in 2021 with WeVerify tools such as Image context analysis (on Facebook and Twitter), Optical Character Recognition in Images (OCR), FactChecks search, Cross-network search, Twitter social network analysis module. A new virtual Assistant guides users between the different tools and provides several other services such as link extraction, matching the content against a credibility service or the Database of Known Fakes (DBKF). Search by similarity through the DBKF is also accessible through the plugin contextual menu. The toolkit is also completed by a demo content and a classroom and a new improved and re-designed Forensic feature and a new standalone forensic tool (CheckGIF).

Training resources: available

Skill level: intermediate, advanced

Fact Check Explorer

A fact check explorer by Google with fact checks in all languages, working as an aggregator service and linking to the original fact-checker organisation's website.

Skill level: novice

Interactive Media Bias Chart

An interactive tool with a graphical representation of a large number of media organisations plotted on a political bias (left-right) and reliability axes.

Restrictions: free version includes a limited number of media

Ground News

A news aggregator clustering news publications on the same topic and displaying media bias. Includes a section of articles/topics published by left- or right-biased media that are snubbed and receive very little to no coverage at all by the media on the opposing side of the political spectrum. Full-feature access requires a subscription.

Restrictions: free version includes a limited number of features or articles